Management, Faculty, Advisors

Management, Faculty, Advisors

Co-Founding Management, Faculty and Advisors (alphabetically)

The following people helped to found The Communiversity of South Africa. They generously contributed their expertise to support the creation of this innovative, truly cooperative enterprise. We honor their commitment, their compassion, their wisdom and their unifying vision for a future of fulfillment and success for our students and their communities.

Marcia Abrahams (Director of Development)
Dr. Melanie Brown (Executive Director, Board of Directors)
Gill Connellan ( Managing Director, Board of Directors)
Chantel Klinck (Program Director, Board of Directors)
Edwina Luck Fielding (Program Administrator)
Gary Newton Speelman (Technology Administrator)
Jodine Swart (Administrative Assistant)
Lisa Wimmers (Finance Director)

BDV Platinum
Dr. Veronica Butler
Brigid Comrie
Rhona Dubow
Stanley Ginsburg

Dr. Rashi & Margaret Glazer
Lenny Goldman
Dr. Steve Guich
Sue Ingram
Faranaaz Johnston
Melanie Judge
Thandi Lewin
Robert LoPinto
Wendy Lucas-Bull
Janet McCutcheon
Zukile Melani
Dr. Mary Metcalfe
Hlengiwe Mkhize, Deputy Minister
Sheryl Ozinsky
Yvonne Poolman
Tarryn Rice
Jeff and Sue Rosenberg
Jonathan and Kathy Rudney
Jonathan Schrire
Tricia Sibbons
Debby Silver
Roy Silver
The Vrygrond Community Trust
Ricardo Wyngaard

Dr. Melanie Brown
Brigid Comrie
Priscilla David
Roxy and William Davis
Mninawa Dlelepantsi
Dr. Jill Farrant
Pat Featherstone
Pearl Firer
Jon Geidt
Dee Gillett
Stanley Ginsburg
Jeannie Karth
Sven Karth
Chantel Klinck
Capricorn Link
Jo Monson
Len Nyenes
Carol Allen-Payne
Russell Pengelly
Solly Philander
Kevin Smith
Henry Titus
Ricardo van Der Merwe
Liticha van Neel
Brendon Voogt
Barry Welsh
Liz Welsh
Marion Whitehead
Wendi Wise
David Yutar

Catherine Aalto
Michelle Blumenau
Jim Freeman
Eva Gilliam
Nick Johnson
Mike Silver
Peter Voigt