Current Management, Faculty and Advisors (alphabetically)

The Communiversity of South Africa is now in its fifth year of operation. The following dedicated people — some new, some continuing — are currently supporting its growth and success. By generously contributing their expertise, vision and commitment, they are helping to fulfill the hopes, dreams and goals of our students, our graduates and their communities.

Jolene Adams (Intern and Graduate)
Marcia Abrahams (Director of Development)
Dr. Melanie Brown (Executive Director, Board of Directors)
Gill Connellan (Board of Directors)
Fatiema Cornelius (Administrator, Computer and English assistant, Graduate)
Branwyn Damons (Computer facilitator, Spokesperson, Graduate)
Priscilla David (Education and Training Director, English Faculty)
Chantel Klinck (Programme Director, Board of Directors)
Chadrin Landsman (Placement, Faculty, Graduate)
Asheeqah May (Intern and Graduate)
Jeremy Schuster (Board of Directors)
Gary Newton Speelman (Board of Directors, Graduate)
Jodine Swart (Senior Administrator, Graduate)
Ashwyn Swartz (Recruitment and Placement Coordinator)
Liticha Van Neel (Community Relations Director, Maths Faculty)
Lisa Wimmers (Finance Director)

BDV Platinum, Mark Dawson
Brigid Comrie
Mark Gamble
Shelagh Gastrow
Dr. Rashi and Margaret Glazer
Lenny Goldman
Dr. Steve Guich
Jeanie Karth
Helen and Dana Lieberman
Dr. Robert LoPinto
Wendy Lucas-Bull
Carol Allen-Payne
Russell Pengelly
Debra Poneman
Jeff and Sue Rosenberg
Jeremy Schuster
Debby Silver
Roy Silver
Gary Newton Speelman (Graduate, Board of Directors)
The Vrygrond Community Trust
Ricardo Wyngaard
Marcia Abrahams
Gloria Baartman
Lynette Brink
Dr. Melanie Brown
Brigid Comrie
Michael Cupido
Priscilla David
Pearl Firer
Chantel Klinck
Daniel Meyer
Norman Mentoor
Charles Mitchell
Jo Monson
Kate Patience
Liticha van Neel
Ricardo Van Der Merwe
Barry Welsh
Liz Welsh

Catherine Aalto
Michelle Blumenau
Tim Wege
Nick Johnson
Brian Smith