Donors, Benefactors and Partners

The Communiversity of South Africa has emerged as a “right idea at the right time” but it would not be emerging at all without the real commitment and far-reaching vision of our enlightened co-founders who have been willing to make the leap with us. We are also deeply grateful to those who continue to believe in us and to new donors and benefactors who have more recently joined forces with us.


We are deeply grateful to the following foundations, trusts, and individuals whose profound  commitment, heartfelt engagement and  generous financial support have created and continue to create the growth and success of the Communiversity.

The Ford Foundation
The Communiversity /CIDA Foundation
Barclays Africa/ABSA Bank
The Kirsh Foundation
The Nussbaum Foundation
The DG Murray Trust
The Charles Evans Foundation
The Gordon Family Charitable Trust
The Learning Trust
The David Lynch Foundation
Diana Davidson
Lord Joel Joffe
Terry and David Braunstein
Suzanne Thomas and AlexSandra Leslie
Emily Levin
Pegs Baldwin
Enid and Jeff Katz
Drs. Susie and Michael Dillbeck
Janet and Michael McCutcheon
The Broadcom Foundation
Builders Warehouse
Dr. Rashi and Margaret Glazer
The Lieb Family

Office of the Mayor of Cape Town
Ellen Haddigan and Musa Durgun
Barbara Zucker
Marilyn and Nat Goldhaber
Emily and Bryan Kelly
Paula and Ralph Gilbert
Lynn Turiel
Norman and Vivian Magaziner
Julie Mandarino
Josh Roberts
Ben and Bev Voogt
Debra Sue Poneman
Olivia and Thacher Hurd
Jean Reilly
Rona and Jeffrey Abramson
Seymour Abrahams
Julie Strandberg
Julie and Steve Blum
Jonathan and Kathy Rudney
Norin and Thyra Isquith
Andrea and Pflash Pflaumer
Jane Pitt
Valerie and Joe Janlois
Susan and Bob Daniels
Fauna and Phil White
Carl and Dr. Colleen Stone
Victor and Judy Raymond
Matthew Braunstein
Dr. Samantha Smithstein
Dr. Jim and Linda Brooks
Mary Roche
Michael Andreas
Margaret and John Scarborough
Gillian Edwards
Jeannine White
Dr. Deb Cobb
Jan Seehusan
Diane Childress
Linda Mainquist and Mario Orsatti
Marsha and Burt Bell
Barb and Ted McLaughlin
Beverly Merson
Maureen Kelleher
Janet and Steve Nichols
Sidney Gibson
Tracey Bennett
Jeanette Martin
Gail Connellee
Patti and Marty Hulsebos
Kate and Barry Ross
Claudia Roscamp
Kathleen Skevington
Lyle and Diana Smith
Ellen and Chris Jones
Hal and Willi Freedman
Marilyn Martin
Marilyn Pepper
Deb Busch and Patrick Hutchins
Fieldston Graduation Class


Our deepest gratitude goes to the following companies, organizations and individuals for their specific contributions in helping to found the Communiversity.

False Bay College
University of Cape Town/Get Smarter Program
Anita and Lee Warner
Fredric Sapirstein
The Vrygrond Community Trust
Junior Achievement Worldwide
Computers4Kids (Russell Pengelly, CEO)
Roxy Davis/Surf School/William Davis/GapYearSA
Mark Gamble
Len Nyenes
Jim Freeman
Cape Leopard Trust
Nedbank/Old Mutual
Tsogo Southern Sun (Jeff Rosenberg, GM)
Pick n’ Pay Cooking School
Nik Rabinowitz
Annie Lennox/Make It Happen
Sam Hendrikse
Siv Ngesi
Hot Water
Eastern Acoustics
Mike Silver
Allison Foat/DIVA PR
Baxter Theatre staff
The Seawinds Sports Grounds
Ari Zelezniak
Creda Communications
The Golding Foundation (Peter Golding)
Simon Conradie and Loraine Magda
The FunDza Literary Trust
Stanley Ginsburg
Owen Henderson
Heidi and Yasmin Kowalski
Balu and Ian Nivison
Snowlene Catering (Gloria Baartman)
WBHO Construction
Vrygrond Taxi Association
Tina Thomson
Vanessa Frankal, VTravel
Vicki Badenhorst
Maurita Mosinkie
William Leadbetter
Pierre Fabe
Peak Perfomance Tutors
Bread Rev
University of Western Cape Dental Faculty